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Keepnote Marketing


The first step is to consider what you realistically want to achieve from your marketing spend.

The second step is to tailor those ideas to match your customer expectations.

The third step is to put a plan into action and carefully monitor results.


KEEPNOTE MARKETING offers an integral marketing solution for the small business owner.

Services range from website creation to email campaigns, providing an effective marketing strategy within an affordable budget.

Daily rates provided, or available to work on short to long term projects.

  • Website design and content
  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Creation
  • Promotions and PR
  • Creative Copy

Rhona Nayar

Rhona Nayar

Marketing Consultant

Along with many years as a freelance Marketing Consultant, I have run several SMEs in creative, retail, travel & tourism, delivering on-budget, effective marketing solutions, which reflect both brand and end-user. Sectors include: Serviced Apartments, Boutique Hotels, Tour Operators, Fashion & Leather Accessories, Retail outlets, Travel companies, Spa and Ski, Artisan Wine, Olive Oil + Chocolate. I'm a bit of a perfectionist with a 'more dash than cash' philosophy. Quality design, impeccable English, creative copy and an acute sense of 'what works'. I am passionate about small businesses and hope to have the opportunity to work with you to achieve your goals. Click on the LinkedIn button below for full profile.....

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“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

Michael LeBoeuf

Keepnote Marketing provides an effective marketing strategy for small business owners specialising in travel, tourism, retail, food, ecommerce, creative sectors and more.


Marketing Solutions

See samples of recent projects below:


Keepnote Marketing

“KEEPNOTE achieved a significant increase in sales revenue within an allocated budget. A strategic marketing plan provided an effective solution for keeping in touch with our database of retailers from the small independent to our High Street brands.”

Mobile friendly? Easy to navigate? Easy on the eye?

Give recipients a reason to open yours

Blogs - so much more to write about

Integrated Promotions - a Few Snippets

WordPress Website

  • WordPress themes provide a customisable yet affordable website
  • Add on: e-commerce and Shopping cart features
  • SEO keywords tags & descriptions
  • Contact forms
  • Portfolio showcases
  • Hotel or Rental property description pages
  • Tours and Events
  • Domain registration & hosting
  • The featured website showcases individual tours in a portfolio format.


  • Effective email campaign design from concept to analytics
  • Start with a big data spring clean - it's all about quality not quantity
  • Achieve higher click thro' rates with segmented strategy
  • Less is more in terms of content - create compelling copy then steer thro' to relative landing pages
  • One message doesn't fit all - engage customers and keep them sweet with follow-up campaigns
  • Analyse results and increase ROI
  • Send 2000 FREE emails per week.

Blogs are Magnetic

  • Blogs are magnetic - they pick up all the categories associated with your business and pull them into P1 Google searches
  • New product launches
  • What's Trending
  • Personal stories
  • a Dash of Irony
  • Industry expertise
  • Hotel or B&B attractions
  • Travel journals
  • Retail Therapy
  • and so much more to write about.

A Few Snippets...

  • Categorise clients by spend and activity
  • Integrate your promotions - link to Trade Shows | Blogs | e-campaigns | PR | Newsletters | Social Media
  • Set up packages to boost seasonal sales
  • 10th Anniversary 'Golden Tickets' - add a few surprises to your promotions
  • Christmas just got earlier - steer orders to meet your deadlines
  • Feed the Journalists - it only takes a small snippet in a relative journal or magazine to drive the right traffic to your site.

“Small businesses shouldn't always go for the cheaper option – the important thing is to ensure your marketing strategy is right for your brand. ”

Mark Asquith for the Guardian



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